Turkish dossier links interfaith dialogue to July coup

A government department in Turkey has said interfaith dialogue with Christians was the path by which those allegedly behind the July 15 coup laid their plans.

In a dossier compiled by the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, the exiled Islamic cleric Fetullah Gulen, nemesis to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is accused of exploiting interfaith dialogue toward seizing power in the country.

“With the interfaith dialogue project based on steps taken by the Vatican II” the dossier asserts, “Gulen, by organising national and international events, on the one hand wove his ties with Christian culture, and on the other allowed the organisation to be accredited in the West. So he was able to establish his base in Pennsylvania, and many Western countries opened their doors to the Organisation”.
The dossier builds on accusations levelled by journalists with pro-Erdogan media linking the Vatican to the failed coup.