Ted talks star to address pro-life rally

Ted talks star to address pro-life rally
 Karen Gaffney.

Karen Gaffney, the first living person with Down Syndrome to receive an honorary doctorate, will address the ‘Save the 8th’ Rally for Life in Dublin city centre on July 1.

Ms Gaffney has captured global attention, not only for her personal achievements but for her work on inclusion for people with Down Syndrome and her challenge to a culture where babies with Down Syndrome are increasingly aborted before birth.

Down Syndrome

“I believe that Down Syndrome is a life worth saying ‘yes’ to. It is a life worth saving. Every life has value, every life matters, regardless of how many chromosomes you have,” she said during a TED talk.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Rally for Life Committee said: “The stark truth is that abortion is facilitating the most lethal form of discrimination for people with disabilities, and their voices must be heard in this debate.”

The Save the 8th rally on  July 1 starts at 2pm at Parnell Square.