Syrian Caritas centre hit in rocket attack

Lucky escape for Chaldean priest

A Chaldean priest, and Caritas Internationalis volunteer, had a lucky escape with his family when a rocket hit the organisation’s office in Aleppo on January 22.

Due to a delay in opening the building which has been catering to the needs of civilians affected by the ongoing conflict, Fr Toni Ghazzi was reportedly walking towards the Caritas offices with his children when they saw a rocket bouncing across the street in front of them. Narrowly missing the group, the projectile passed into the building where it landed in the main waiting room which should have been crowded with civilians. The rocket failed to detonate.

In a statement after the incident, the secretary general of Caritas Internationalis, Michel Roy said: “Thanks be to God that nobody was hurt in the attack. That a Caritas centre helping the most poor and vulnerable in Syria has been hit by a rocket underlines the urgency of an immediate ceasefire as the first step in finding a peaceful solution.”