Spansih martyrs beatified

Spain – The Church has beatified 522 martyrs who lost their lives during the countryís civil war. The event took place on October 13 in the eastern city of Tarragona and involved the elevations of 515 Spaniards, three French, and a citizen from Cuba, Colombia, the Philippines and Portugal.

Several thousand priests, monks and nuns are believed to have been killed by left-wing elements over the course of the 1936-1939 conflict. Those beatified last weekend include lay people who also died for their faith.

In a video message from Rome, Pope Francis described the Spanish martyrs as ìChristians won over by Christ, disciples who have learned well the meaning of ëlove until the endí that brought Jesus to the Crossî. He added: ìI join all the participants in the celebration with all my heart.î