Shroud of Turin exposition

Dates confirmed for public display

The Archdiocese of Turin has announced the dates for the exposition of the Shroud of Turin in 2015.

For a 67-day period, from April 19 to June 24, the famed shroud widely believed to have been the burial cloth of Jesus will be available for veneration by pilgrims, the longest single period the shroud has been on public display. Though no set date has been announced for an official visit by Pope Francis, the Pontiff has expressed his desire to travel to Turin to see the shroud for himself.

In early March, the archdiocese also announced that it had chosen a theme for the 2015 display: "The greatest love."
Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin, in announcing the exposition, said the theme of the event will be  “The greatest love” personified by "the son of God made man, who accepted death on the cross for the salvation of all, in every time and every situation".

The exposition will coincide with major events in Turin to mark the 200th anniversary of the founder of the Salesians, St John Bosco.