Religion banned from hospitals in Zhejiang

The Chinese province of Zhejiang, which garnered international attention for its drive against Christian crosses and buildings, has now moved to ban any outward signs of faith in medical facilities. Under new regulations it is forbidden to pray or preach in any hospital, while patients are barred from receiving priests at their bedsides. The main hospital in Wenzhou, home to a huge population of Christians, has already posted notices to inform patients and visitors of the new prohibitions.

The latest move comes as Zhejiang works to contain religious communities ahead of a major international summit to be held in the province this September. According to China Aid, which monitors the situation for religious in the country, with the G20 arriving in the coastal city of Hangzhou on September 4, authorities have been monitoring “churches and temples” and have raided a number of house churches to dissuade meetings taking place “without approval”.