Rejection from Communion can lead to rejection of Church – German bishop

The Church’s refusal to allow the divorced and remarried receive the Eucharist can cause people to turn from the Church and God himself, Berlin’s Archbishop Heiner Koch has told the Synod of Bishops.

In his three-minute address to the gathered bishops, Dr Koch said the Church’s theological arguments “do not silence the questions in the hearts of people,” and asked “how perfect and holy must one be to be allowed to the supper of the Lord?”

“Many people question the Church and her mercy in this regard,” he said, adding “more than a few people concerned leave the Church with their children on the basis of what they see as rejection.”

For many, he continued, “the question of admittance to the Eucharist makes them doubt God”.


Gender ideology isolates us, Polish archbishop claims 

Gender ideology has similarities with Communism in that it has “no regard for the human person” as it doesn’t recognize human dignity as Christianity does, according to the president of the Polish bishops' conference, and is even worse because it is “a pure ideology that is actually bent on destroying marital and familial relationships.”

Speaking in an interview, Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki claimed that gender theory casts doubt upon the good of marriages and families. Warning that this ideology may take different forms, he said its aim is inevitably “the pulverisation of society, so that man stays alone and is more easily manipulated”.

The archbishop claimed that those who reject the teachings of Pope St John Paul II “don’t have a sheer idea as to what they actually do.”