Quotes of the Week October 3

“It is important to bring the solicitude and the presence of the Church into the world of communications so as to dialogue with the men and women of today and bring them to meet Christ…The God in whom we believe, who loves all men and women intensely, wants to reveal himself through the means at our disposal, however poor they are, because it is he who is at work, he who transforms and saves us.”

Pope Francis, addressing the ‘Internet and the Church’ conference in Rome, September 21


“Freedom of religion is an inalienable human right, which is intrinsically connected to human dignity and moral compassion for a nation. It is urgent that the international community not remain silent in the face to the growing persecution of Christians in the world.”

Bishop Thomas Dabre of Pune, India, responding to the Peshawar bombing.


“People in many European countries are ashamed and afraid of speaking about their religion, holidays are abolished or given other names, names that shyly conceal the nature of those holidays, and aggressive attempts are made to force this model on the rest of the world. This is a direct path to degradation and primitiveness, to deep demographic and moral crises.”

President Vladimir Putin, defending Christian values in Russia.