Quotes of the Week October 24

“The New Mass is bad, it is evil.”

Bishop Bernard Fellay of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) once again denounces Vatican II and its tenets during an address in the United States.


“I hope to sign the peace agreement with Israel with this pen.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, speaking of the pen offered to him by Pope Framcis during their meeting at the Vatican on October 17.


“What stirred our passion with Pope Benedict XVI was to see the Church understand itself deeply as a communion, and at the same time speak to the world, to the heart and to the intelligence of all with clarity of doctrine and a high level of thought…I see today in Pope Francis not so much a revolution but a continuity with Pope Benedict XVI even with their differences in style and personal life.”

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone speaks as he departs his post of Vatican Secretary of State after seven years on October 15.


“The Syrian National Council has made a firm decision not to go to Geneva under the current circumstances.”

George Sabra, head of the Syrian National Council, the largest bloc opposing President Bashar al Assad, gives his response to plans for another peace conference in November to bring a resolution to the Syrian conflict.


“The priest who does not pray cannot live chastity, which is a gift from God…when we see situations that grab our attention, that cause confusion or scandal, we have to say: the priest failed because he was not sincere, he wasn’t praying, he did not care for the charism of his institution. Thus the earthen vessel causes the treasure to be lost.”

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, Archbishop of Lima, Peru, speaking in the wake of revelations around two Peruvian bishops who allegedly engaged in sexual relationships.


“But how can we reconstruct the Church apart from Jesus the cornerstone? How can we construct the Church without His life-giving Word? How can we strengthen the Church without the Holy Spirit who will transform hearts of stones into living flesh and all of us into a living temple? How can we construct the Church without love that enables us to break from egoism and self-interest in order to embrace God, neighbour, society, and all of creation?”

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, addressing the first Conference onv New Evangelisation in Asia, which took place in The Philippines.