Quotes of the Week November 7

“Who among us has not experienced insecurity, loss and even doubts on their journey of faith? Everyone! We've all experienced this, me too. Everyone. It is part of the journey of faith, it is part of our lives. This should not surprise us, because we are human beings, marked by fragility and limitations. We are all weak, we all have limits: do not panic. We all have them.”

Pope Francis assures the faithful during his General Audience on October 30.


"Blessed Mother Teresa was an amazing lady, and I admire her courage. Even though she was 'hacked' on a lot, she never stepped down from her mission" because of her "thirst for Christ." In fact, "I follow her example. Do not limit what you can do for God, and He will not limit what he will do for you [and] never put limits on what we can do for the life of a child.”

Biker Sam Childers, the ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, speaking after he received the 2013 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice from the Harmony Foundation. Childers has spent the last 13 years rescuing child soldiers from conflicts in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan.


“Egypt is conducting a war on terrorism. The idea that this involves a conflict between Muslims and Christians simply isn’t borne out by reality. Not only Christians are being attacked, but state institutions as well. The extremists’ goal is also to embroil the Christians in a civil war. But this tactic won’t work – Christians have shown that they are genuine Egyptians.”

Fr Hani Bakhoum Kiroulos, secretary of the Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria, addressing recent attacks on Christians in Egypt.


“It is time for Syrians to co-operate and for others in the region and outside to co-operate with them to end this crisis.”

Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, calling on both the government and the opposition to attend a peace conference in Geneva later this month.