Quotes of the Week january 16

"Do not forget your homework today: find out, ask for the date of your Baptism. As I know my birthday, I should know my Baptism day, because it is a feast day."

The words of Pope Francis as he introduced a series of catecheses on the sacraments during his General Audience on January 8.


"Christians will be glad if the so-called revolution opens the path to democracy and freedom. But now even opposition groups linked to the Free Syrian Army, which are presented as moderate compared to jihadist formations, have come together under the Islamist flag, and they say that in the new Syria the sharia law will have to be applied, because this is what the majority wants. This is a perspective that Christians cannot accept."

Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo of Hassaké-Nisibi, Syria, warns against Syriaís drift to an Islamic state.


"You have suffered the shame of being accused, viewed with suspicion and of being exposed to public opinion, even within the Church. You have been able to accept this suffering out of love for your vocation, and out of love for the Church and for the Legion. Suffering has purified you, matured you and made you experience Godís grace and love, who has called you to share in the mystery of redemption through the cross and through sorrow."

Cardinal Velasio de Paolis, addresses members of the Legionaries of Christ as congregation opened an extraordinary general chapter on January 9 to clarify its charism and approve revised constitutions in the wake of scandals.


 “The social and political situation remains tense. The danger of militant and radical Islamism is real. In recent months, radical Islamic organisations have raised their voice: we will see how the situation evolves.”

Archbishop Patrick D’Rozario of Dhaka, Bangladesh speaking amid unrest following the country’s national elections, including a bomb attack on a church.


"Our march is a way to say stop to violence starting from our faith. We want to involve the whole community in order to stop this wave of violence. Our helplessness and abandonment does not seek the path of 'authorised weapons', and even less of criminal weapons, but rather 'the armour of God'.

Archbishop Dario de Jesus Monsalve of Cali, Colombia, speaking of a January 7 march organised by the Church against ongoing criminal violence, which, in the first six days of 2014, claimed 25 lives in the city.