Quotes of the Week April 17

“I launch a heartfelt appeal to the Syrian authorities and the international community: I beg you, silence the weapons, put an end to the violence! No more war! No more destruction!”

Pope Francis appeals for an end to the Syrian conflict during on Aporil 9, a day after the murder of fellow Jesuit Fr Frans van der Lugt in Homs.


“He personified all the best qualities and ideals which the Society of Jesus stands for. He joins a long list of Jesuit martyrs who have sacrificed their lives truly believing that a man has no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.”

Lord Alton of Britain’s House of Lords pays tribute to the late Fr Frans van der Lugt


"The State no longer exists. The only institution that is functioning is the Catholic Church.”

Archbishop Samuel Kleda of Douala, Cameroon, states, after a visit to Central African Republiuc , that the only protector of civilians there now is the Church.


“We are experiencing a moment of a true Way of the Cross. Just remain close and if you can, also give us a hand.”

Bishop Luciano Capelli of Gizo, Solomon Islands, appeals for aid following sever floods on Guadalcanal left 23 dead.

“It is the case that Christians are now the most persecuted religion around the world. We should stand up against persecution of Christians and other faith groups wherever and whenever we can.”

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron addressing a gathering at Downing Street, on the issue of Christian persecution.


We're cut off from the rest of the country. We only communicate by phone or email. Even the aid packages are kept back at the border." 

Auxiliary Bishop Jacek Pyl of Odessa-Simferopol, speaking of the isolation felt by Catholic priests in Crimea as the peninsula is isolated from Ukraine.


"The Bishops of Argentina, through the bishops' conference, wish to express their concern about the high number of lynchings and for taking justice in their own hands.”

Bishop Juan Ruben Martinez of Posadas, Argentina, expresses concern at a surge in vigilante violence against gang members and drug dealers across the country.