Pope gets his own magazine

Dedicated publication hits Italian shelves

A magazine dedicated to all things Pope Francis has hit the shelves in Italy. On March 5, a first run of three million copies of Il Mio Papa appeared. In addition to covering the activities and speeches of the Pontiff, the magazine has a colourful style to offer numerous pictures of a Pope who has become one of the most photographed ‘personalities’ in the world. Additionally, each issue promises an illustrated history on an aspect of the life of the Pontiff, designed as pull-out inserts to be collected.

“The idea for a magazine designed to report on and share the words and actions of Pope Francis came from observing how his election has stimulated a renewed interest on ethical, religious and moral issues,” editor Aldo Vitali said in introducing the new publication, which, in hardcopy, is currently only available in Italian, though an internet presence is now being planned to promote the magazine worldwide.