Polish prelates condemn ‘LGBT ideology’

Polish prelates condemn ‘LGBT ideology’ The Gazeta Polska tweeted a preview of stickers showing a black cross over a rainbow flag with the words "LGBT-free zone" written in Polish to be included inside their June 24 edition

The president of the Polish bishops’ conference confirmed the country’s Catholic Church will resist “LGBT ideology” as equality campaigners demanded the dismissal of an archbishop who branded gays and lesbians a “rainbow pestilence”.

“People belonging to so-called sexual minority circles are our brothers and sisters for whom Christ gave his life,” Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki of Poznan said in a statement on August 8.


“But respect for specific people cannot lead to accepting an ideology which aims at a revolution in social norms and interpersonal relations. This revolution in custom and morals, as Pope Francis stresses, often brandishes a flag of freedom, while in reality inflicting spiritual and material devastation,” he said in response to ongoing disputes between Church leaders and LGBTQ groups.

Supporters of LGBTQ rights are planning a series of “equality parades” across the country in upcoming weeks.

Archbishop Gadecki said the “worsening polemic” was linked to the “offensive by LGBT-plus circles”, as well as to related plans by some local authorities to introduce “a new approach to sex education” beginning in September.