Planned Parenthood failed to report suspected abuse

American abortion provider Planned Parenthood is facing a fresh scandal following claims that it failed to report a suspected case of sexual abuse to the authorities.

As the group continues to suffer fall-out from video exposés of its trade in foetal body parts, an online news outlet in Alabama has revealed documents it says show how a Planned Parenthood facility failed to act as required by state law on visits by a 14-year-old girl to the clinic to procure abortions. According to Yellow Hammer News, the documents are the result of a 2014 inspection of the facility by the state’s Department of Public Health and detail the girl’s attendance on two occasions just four months apart for terminations. The unidentified girl is also reported to have given birth to two children.

Despite these details, according to the paperwork, the clinic “failed to report reasonable suspected abuse or neglect for a minor. This affected [the girl] and had the potential to affect all patients served by this facility.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Public Health told Yellow Hammer that Planned Parenthood subsequently reported the girl’s case to the relevant authorities, but only after the Department had raised the case during its inspection.