Piltown rallies after church attack

Volunteers turn out in force after vandalism

A Co. Kilkenny priest has praised his parishioners for their swift action to undo serious vandalism to their church and graveyard.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic this week of the work undertaken by local people after the Church of the Assumption in Piltown was subjected to a serious attack, Fr Pascal Moore said: “Before I could even ask, volunteers had turned out to help. It was a great response from a great community.”

The attack on Piltown’s church took place in the early hours of December 27, when someone as yet unidentified worked – despite extremely bad weather – to daub red paint on the church doors, graves and statues depicting the crucifixion and to smash the graves of two former priests of the parish.

Both deceased priests, according to Fr Moore, “were in good standing in the parish” and he was “at a loss” to explain the rage that had been demonstrated in the attack.

“What is the burden being carried by the people involved?” Fr Moore asked as he insisted that help for them was of greater importance than the damage caused. “I would love them to get help.”

Gardaí in Mooncoin are investigating the vandalism.