Paul VI miracle approved

An intercession linked with Pope Paul VI has been approved as a miracle by a team of theologians in Rome, bringing the late Pontiff closer to sainthood.

The case, dating to the 1990s, involves an expectant mother who was warned by doctors that her child was suffering medical complications which could result in brain damage. They advised abortion but the woman refused, preferring instead to pray to Pope Paul as the author of Humane Vitae on the value of human life. Subsequently, the woman gave birth to a son, who showed no ill effects medically and is now a healthy young man.

A team of doctors, ruling on the case in December on behalf of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, gave their judgement of a miraculous element, leaving the theologians as the remaining hurdle for Pope Paul VIís cause.

The case will now be passed to Pope Francis for his final approval.

Pope Paulís cause commenced in 1993, and reached a significant milestone last year when Pope Benedict XVI declared him Venerable.