Pakistani brothers face blasphemy charges

Pakistan – Two Christians are facing charges under the country’s blasphemy laws after a Muslim accused them of desecrating pages of the Koran.

Brothers Tariq and Arif Masih were pursued by police in Wazirabad following a complaint to police that the pair had used pages of the Muslim holy book while preparing fireworks. While Arif was subsequently arrested, Tariq escaped and is now in hiding. Police reacted to the escape by arresting a third brother, Waris, who will be held until Tariq hands himself in.

According to World Vision in Progress, a charity working on behalf of Christians in Pakistan, the brothers were set up by the complainant in the case, who was the source of the fireworks, purchased for a wedding ceremony.

In the village where the Masihs live, Christians now fear reprisal attacks by Muslims as a result of the case.