‘No evidence’ Govt is serious about homelessness – claim

Peter McVerry Claims…

Social justice campaigner Fr Peter McVerry has warned there is “no evidence” that the Government is serious about solving the homelessness crisis.

Fr McVerry said that in his view the Government is more concerned with “containing the problem” so it does not become a “political embarrassment”.

The Jesuit priest also warned that the problem of homelessness in Dublin has grown at an alarming rate with 500 homeless in the last 90 days alone; this is an average five people a day. The number of families becoming newly homeless has tripled.

A recent report of Dublin Region Homeless Executive indicated that 80 additional emergency beds are needed in the Dublin region immediately and funding available for hotel accommodation for emergency use has been almost exhausted.

“Exits out of homelessness are now clogged. Only 757 social housing units were provided last year and due to increasing rents the private rented sector is not a viable option,” Fr McVerry said.

He suggested the target for social housing provision should be at least 5,000 additional units each year.