Nicaragua’s bishops express concerns about ocean-linking canal

Nicaraguan Church officials are concerned about the potential effects of a canal planned to link the Pacific and Atlantic oceans across the Central American country. 

The contract to build and operate the 278km canal was awarded in June 2013 to a newly created Chinese-Nicaraguan consortium headed by Chinese businessman Wang Jing who has apparently brought further investors on board, but their identity is unclear. 

“We have said that it’s okay if the canal brings benefits to the people, but the government needs to act with transparency and clarity, because there is not enough information,” said Granada’s Bishop Jorge Solorzano Perez.

Explaining that the project’s effects on Lake Nicaragua “is one of the major concerns of the people of Granada” Bishop Solorozano noted how Pope Francis said in Laudato Si’ that “when projects are carried out without the appropriate environmental impact studies, they should not be done”.