Mass on the Grass event helps integrate communities

Mass on the Grass event helps integrate communities Fr Robert Colclough of North Wall parish celebrates 'Mass on the Grass'. Photo Pia Polotto

A Dublin parish was thrilled to celebrate their annual ‘Mass on the Grass’ event, which organisers say is a great way for everyone to get involved in the community.

About 100 people enjoyed the live music and high spirits at North Wall parish’s annual event, with a Mass led by Fr Robert Colclough.

There were prayers for people who had passed on during the year, for people in the community who are ill, and also for children going back to school.

Parish Secretary and member of the local residents association, Marie O’Reilly, said it was a “fantastic celebration” and is very well supported in the community.

“We would have a lot of young families who are working in some of the businesses around the area who’ve moved in, and they all come and they bring their children, there’s a younger population there now,” she said, adding that many of the children did the readings.

She said it is a very diverse community, with people from all nationalities, including South Korea, Italy and France attending, and the event is very well supported and advertised.

“It helps other people understand different communities in different parts of the world. The big thing we feel, and it’s very important, is that we’re inclusive,” Marie O’Reilly said.

There was tea and refreshments, and people were invited to bring things that they had baked or made.

The deacon from East Wall parish, Rev. Paul Kelly, also attended.