Lough Derg praised for suicide event

Lough Derg’s ‘Living with Suicide Day’ attracted 120 participants

The main speakers at a one-day event at Lough Derg to support those who are living with suicide and for those involved in ministry and support services, have praised the sanctuary for providing a “safe space” for sharing.

Paul Kelly, Founder Director of the suicide support charity Console, said he was “very moved” by the sharing at the event. “It gave a sacred space and solidarity for people to be with others who have survived the grief of suicide, and many people went away with that bit of peace,” he said.

Broadcaster and writer Christy Kinneally told The Irish Catholic: “It is important to have events like Lough Derg”. “I was terribly moved by the comments from people. In general they were saying isn’t it wonderful to be in a place where you can use the word suicide without being self-conscious or stigmatised. Where you can really laugh and cry, and there was a lot of laughter and tears, it was a lovely thing that Lough Derg set out to be a sanctuary, a place where you can be yourself and find yourself,” he said.