Keane’s prayers answered with new role

Irish soccer legend reveals faith in God

Irish soccer legend Roy Keane’s prayers were answered this week when he was named the Republic’s new assistant manager.

The former international star previously revealed he puts his faith in the hands of God and regularly credits “the man upstairs” with taking care of him.

“I do not go around making out that I’m some sort of Holy Joe,” Keane said during the summer, before adding: “He always looked after me.”

Keane has admitted to being obsessed with football from an early age. However, the ex-Manchester United midfielder said his religious beliefs have got him through some of his toughest times on the pitch.

“I believe the man upstairs has a plan for me. I believe that everything is in His hands. It’s a gut feeling.

“I’m not trying to convert anyone but if you were to have said to me three years ago that I would leave United, go to Celtic and then become manager of Sunderland, I would have said you’re mad.

“Someone is in control of my destiny and it’s not me,” he said.