John Paul notes to be published

Texts ‘key to former Pontiff’s spirituality’

The private notes of Blessed John Paul II are to be produced as a book, his former personal secretary has announced.

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, in his former role, had been asked by the then-Pontiff to burn his private notes after his death, but the camarlengo appointed in the immediate period after John Paulís passing ordered that no such action should be carried out.

Now, the archbishop has stated that February 5 will see the publication of I am in Godís hands: Personal notes 1962-2003. In a release from the Polish publishing house Znak, the forthcoming book is said to contain “the most important personal, innermost questions and moving reflections and prayers that marked [Blessed John Paul’s] everyday life”.

Of the notes forming the book, Cardinal Dziwisz said: “I didnít burn John Paul II’s notes because they are the key to interpreting his spirituality, his innermost self: his relationships with God, others and himself.”