Irish bishops to carefully consider Latin Mass changes

Irish bishops to carefully consider Latin Mass changes A sacramentary is seen on the altar during a traditional Tridentine Mass July 18, 2021, at St. Josaphat Church in New York City. Photo: CNS

The Irish bishops’ conference has confirmed that each individual bishop will give “careful consideration” on how to implement Traditionis Custodes, the Pope’s motu proprio on the Traditional Latin Mass.

The conference’s press office stated that the motu proprio, which introduced new restrictions on the TLM or Extraordinary Form, was discussed by the Irish bishops at their general national meeting during October.

“It was noted that practice in Ireland in relation to the use of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass varies significantly from diocese to diocese,” a statement sent to The Irish Catholic said.

“The conference recognised that the responsibility for the implementation of the requirements of the motu proprio lies with each individual bishop, and that each bishop would be giving careful consideration to the application in their own diocese of the provisions of the motu proprio.”

This paper understands that so far no changes have been made to the celebration of the TLM across the country, aside from some bishops requesting the establishment of parish councils which would include representatives from both English and Latin Masses.

Although Traditionis Custodes states that the TLM should not be celebrated in a parish church, the practise continues in Ireland due to the unavailability of other facilities.