Iona Institute reports hate-mail to Garda as fallout continues

Group receives abusive emails and similar attacks on Twitter

The Iona Institute has reported to the Garda emails it has received threatening members of the organisation.

In addition to threats, The Iona Institute has been subjected to dozens of extremely abusive emails and hundreds of similar attacks on Twitter and other internet sites since RTÉ apologised to columnist John Waters and members of the group who were defamed as ‘homophobes’ on RTÉ’s Saturday Night Show last month.

One email told representatives of The Iona Institute that they should “kill themselves”. The sender said he would “kick their faces in” if he met them, and that he hoped they would die of AIDS.

Commenting on the abusive and threatening emails, Iona Institute director, David Quinn said the group’s “opposition to same-sex marriage is based on the belief that marriage is a child-centred institution first and foremost and that motherhood and fatherhood and the natural ties are extremely important, things that supporters of same-sex marriage deny”.

He continued: “There is an extremely militant element on the pro-gay marriage side which will not tolerate any opposition at all and is attempting to demonise, defame and stigmatise anyone who disagrees with them.

“We hope that responsible elements on the pro-gay marriage side will discourage their militants ahead of the referendum on same-sex marriage next year,” Mr Quinn said.