HSE decision criticised by Pro Life Campaign

The Pro Life Campaign (PLC) has said that it is unacceptable that the HSE might not investigate circumstances surrounding abortions in Irish hospitals.

Responding to reports of how staff at a Leinster hospital were concerned that an abortion was granted to a woman who presented as pregnant and suicidal, despite her having no history of contact with mental health services and perhaps not being offered alternative therapies, PLC Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock told The Irish Catholic: “We said this kind of thing would happen and now it has. It was totally obvious that the law would be abused and this case appears to show that it has been.”

“Whether something was amiss in this case or not, the fact remains that the 2013 law is unjust and does not help women,” she continued, adding, “An innocent unborn child’s life was ended in that hospital and that’s a tragedy.”

The PLC has called for an investigation into the affair.