Glad Tidings of Hope and Joy at The Moving Crib!

Glad Tidings of Hope and Joy at The Moving Crib!

66 years after it first opened at 42 Parnell Square in our Capital City the Moving Crib is still going strong. In fact, in a world where many have lost their way it is more relevant than ever before. Pay a visit to The Moving Crib from 24th November – 8th January and be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas, and why this is the time the glad tidings of hope and joy are made real again to lift the spirits of one and all.

When the shops, department stores and businesses begin, as it seems earlier and earlier every year, to advertise for Christmas they do not focus on the crib. And yet it is the crib which lies at the heart and in the centre of this lovely Season. In the centre of Dublin however we have our very own Moving Crib, a testament to the message which many seem to have forgotten.

In so many ways our world at present is increasingly becoming a place of suffering where worrying news items are the order of the day. “The Moving Crib does not just offer ‘an escape’, it points us towards the promise of a better world which the child born in Bethlehem came to proclaim.” says Darragh Murphy, the General Manager of the Saint Martin Apostolate.

The Moving Crib offers insight into what life was like at the time of Jesus’ birth as well as beautifully detailed tableaux of Bible scenes since Adam and Eve. Children will learn the significance of Christmas while having fun. They may also like to pick up a copy of the new book.

“We are really looking forward to opening this year, unfortunately for the past two Christmas Seasons we were forced to close earlier than usual, but this year has filled us with hope that we will be open for the entirety of the 6-week period. Seeing the smiles on the visitors’ faces whether their visit is their first time or a nostalgic reminder of their visits in years gone by, really warms our hearts,” said Darragh.

“Sunday 4th December is guaranteed to be an extra fun day here. From 12 noon, we will have the Bray Gospel Choir treating us to their wonderful musical talents and getting everyone in the Christmas Spirit with carols, gospel and soul and not forgetting the launch of our new popular Children’s Book, ‘A Kaboodle of Treasured Tales’, where the very talented artist and illustrator, Will Nathans will be meeting and greeting while signing customers’ copies. We are very excited to welcome everybody!”

The Moving Crib is a truly unique experience for all the family. It’s free entry for all and no booking necessary. If you are looking for a fun day out during your Christmas preparations, pay a visit to The Moving Crib for an unforgettable experience. More information can be found at


Feature sponsored by St Martin Apostolate