Family News and Events

Family News and Events
A tribute to folk-rock duo

It’s been over 50 years since Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel joined forces to create one of the most well-known folk-rock groups. Their songs are recognised around the world and although the duo are no longer together, you can still get a chance to hear some of their most famous tunes in a live platform.

‘Simon & Garfunkel: Through The Years’ tribute show has toured the globe, selling out theatres and receiving standing ovations wherever they go.

Fronted by Dan Haynes and Pete Richards collectively known as Bookends, the show is a “masterpiece” (BBC Radio) which perfectly recreates the unmistakable sound of Simon & Garfunkel.

You can hear many of the hits such as “The Sound of Silence”, “Mrs Robinson”, “The Boxer” and the smash hit “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. The live concert takes place in The Everyman Theatre, Cork, on January 16.

Reel in the meals

Generally, those who suffer from diabetes are advised to eat six small meals spread throughout the day, but a new study suggests that this guidance may be harmful.

The research carried by Prof. Jakubowicz and the team from Tel Aviv University has confirmed that a three day meal approach could be more helpful for those with Type 2 diabetes.

In the three meals a day approach, participants had to follow a diet plan that requires eating a breakfast of bread, fruit, and sweets early in the morning, having a sizeable lunch, and a small meal at dinnertime, which must not feature any starchy foods, sweets or fruit.

The team observed that the participants with diabetes who followed the typical six meal diet did not lose any weight and did not see better blood sugar control. However, those who ate three meals a day saw the opposite effect: they lost weight and had much improved blood sugar levels.

A sleepy song

Most of us only feel comfortable sleeping in our own beds and find it very difficult to rest in unfamiliar environments like aeroplanes or buses. Even in our homes, outside noise or too much light creeping through the curtains can leave us having a sleepless night.

A Bluetooth sleep mask is ideal for a quick snooze at home and in places that are not really suited for it, like when travelling. When you need time out, the mask is there for you. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone so you can slumber to your favourite tracks.

The mask has an adjustable fastener at the back and an extra covering of fabric that sits tightly over the bridge of the nose. It is also filled with mouldable foam that adapts to your face to make it extra comfy. You’ll be able to drift off in no time!