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Family News and Events Matador Droplet Wet Bag
Sea it to believe it!

Ireland’s national maritime festival, SeaFest, will be returning to Galway Harbour from June 29 to July 1, and will be covering everything sea-related and will also have something for all ages.

The programme of events includes a seafood fair, seafood cookery demonstrations with celebrity chefs and seafaring family fun. There will be tours of ocean going vessels, leisure craft and boats, exhibits on marine life and lots more fun and educational activities. One of the highlights is the Our Ocean Wealth Summit, which is a feature of each edition of the festival and examines our commercial relationship with our maritime resources.

Also on offer are historical and cultural explorations of Ireland’s seafaring history, as well as dedicated kids’ zones. Most events taking place across the weekend are free, with some requiring tickets. So jump on the deck, skipper!


Small solution to a big problem

How does a waterproof bag that can protect all your precious belongings and still be small enough to fit onto your key-chain sound? Impossible, right? Well, the Matador Droplet Wet Bag does just that – it’s a seamed polyester bag tightly compacted into a silicon droplet shell keychain. The Droplet is reusable and can keep the wet in, or out, depending on your needs, and even has a nifty drawstring to keep everything contained. This is the perfect gadget for gym goers and travellers who want to keep sweaty clothes or precious objects safe.

During this time of year, the Droplet is ideal for families heading to the beach who want to make sure important accessories don’t get wet or become damaged by the sand. They say good things come in small packages and at around €13 to buy, this is something not worth missing.


Something to chew on

We’ve all heard some amusing tales about chewing gum, be it the myth that it takes seven years to digest or that its magical benefits can help improve concentration. Adding to this list, a new study has revealed that chewing gum while walking can increase the walking distance and energy expenditure of men in particular.

The research carried out by Yuka Hamada and colleagues from Waseda University in Japan showed both men and women had a higher mean heart rate while walking, and a higher change in heart rate from resting to moving state, if they chewed gum at the same time. In the case of male participants however, their distance and mean walking speed increased more significantly in the gum-chewing trial than their female counterparts.

The researchers concluded that “chewing gum while walking affects a number of physical and physiological functions in men and women of all ages”.

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