Faith helped Corrie’s Curly kick alcohol

Kevin Kennedy has spoken about how his faith helped him through dark times

The actor most famous for playing Curly Watts in Coronation Street has spoken of how his Catholic faith has helped him in his fight against alcohol.

In an interview in a Sunday newspaper, Kevin Kennedy, who is of Irish descent, said spirituality has filled the gap in his life left by drinking.

“I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming up a spiritual path,” he said.

“As a Catholic, I think we have a natural resistance to anything to do with organised religion. Which is probably why we all have to go to church.

“And thank God I did, because that gave me some kind of background – a base and foundations for a spiritual path. Because I resisted it. It’s part of the whole package. The Catholicism thing – I call it the mother-in-law syndrome. It’s like your wife can say anything about her mother, but the minute her husband says anything about her mother, it’s a big no no. And I’m like that with the Catholic Church. I can criticise it all day long and every day but if anyone else does I get really uppity about it…and I will defend it to the end. Because like most things, you only hear about the bad stuff,” he said.