Drummer speaks of his rock ‘n’ roll redemption

A drummer with one of Britain’s leading rock bands of the 1970s has written of his dramatic discovery of his Catholic faith.

Terry Chimes, a founding member of the influential group The Clash, also lent his talents to other leading rockers of the day, including Billy Idol and Black Sabbath.

Now, in his autobiography, Chimes has written of his rediscovered faith.

Having witnessed a religious procession in Brazil in 2000 and felt “envy that these people were connected to something they believed in”, Chimes purchased a copy of C.S Lewis’ Mere Christianity and was, by his own description “left reeling”.

“I felt a presence coming through me in strong waves,” he writes. “At that moment, everything material and concrete seemed like nothing compared to the power and majesty of this presence. Everything in my world seemed to be instantly shattered, leaving me feeling tiny, naked and exposed. At the same time I felt the most extraordinarily powerful love. This presence knew everything about me and yet still loved me.”

Today, far removed from his musical past, Chimes continues to practise his faith.