Drogheda Knights of St Columbanus receive award

Drogheda branch wins Council of the Year 2013

The Droghedal Council of the Knights of St Columbanus were named Council of the Year 2013 at the Order’s Annual Meeting in Galway this month. The Drogheda men beat competition from Councils in Armagh, Tullamore, Omagh, Letterkenny and Lisburn.

The local Grand Knight, Mell resident Timothy Kelly, commended the local members for their continual endeavours for the Church locally. The members who are resident in five parishes spanning the Boyne, have been active in the locality since 1925. He said “the challenges facing the Catholic Church are significant but equally the opportunities in bringing the Good News into our every day lives are there to be grasped. The Council is open to men who wish to be active in the local Church in a practical and challenging manner.”