Derry pro-abortion vandals criticised

Pro-choice advocates accused of defacing Derry memorial

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group has slammed an act of vandalism in Derry, claiming it proves advocates for abortion “are afraid of any message recognising the humanity of unborn children”.

Pro-life organisation Precious Life was responding to the defacement of the ‘Free Derry Wall’ that has been vandalised with pro-abortion graffiti in what appears to be a response to a billboard promoting an inadvertent pro-life message.

The iconic memorial that usually reads ‘You are now entering free Derry’ has been doctored by vandals to read ‘You are not entering free Derry’.

Vandals also printed a URL link to a pro-abortion website on the wall.

At the rear of the structure, there is billboard promoting the ‘Think Drink Project’, a picture of a baby and the message: “My family wanted me to be healthy and happy… so mum didn’t drink when she was pregnant.”

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “This is a positive message aimed at protecting mothers and their babies from the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy. But it seems that pro-abortionists in ‘Alliance for Choice’ are afraid of any message that recognises the humanity of a child in the womb.”