Dáil becoming cold-house for Catholics, TD warns

Dáil ‘swiftly becoming a Godless place’

An Independent TD has warned that Dáil Éireann is increasingly becoming a cold house for Catholics, with politicians being “demonised” for holding particular religious views.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic this week, Independent TD Mattie McGrath expressed concerns that the Dáil was “swiftly becoming a Godless place”.

Mr McGrath accused TDs of being in a “mad rush” to rid religion from Irish politics. He also warned that people were being demonised in Leinster House for holding particular religious views.

“TDs seem to be in a mad rush away from religion these days. It’s a very sad situation. If you are a Catholic in the Dáil today you are demonised. It’s ridiculous,” he said.

The former Fianna Fáil TD called on Catholic politicians to stand up for their faith and not be ashamed of their religious beliefs.

“I’m a Catholic and I’m not ashamed of my Catholic faith. More Catholics need to stand up for their own beliefs. Far too many Catholics are just lying down and taking it. It’s a real shame,” he said.