Coalisland clergy conference

A conference exploring how clergy can address the legacy of the Troubles, organised by a group of local clergy in partnership with the Irish Churches Peace Project (ICPP), took place in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone last week.

In a joint statement, conference hosts Rev. Andrew Rawding and Fr Paul Byrne, explained: “If you take a walk through our parish in Coalisland, County Tyrone, you will see multiple signs of ‘the legacy of the Troubles’… which trigger fear, painful memories and a sense of injustice every day for many of our parishioners. As clergy living and ministering in the town, we are faced with the challenge of addressing the impact of these visible and invisible wounds.”

This was the first event held by the Irish Churches Peace Project (ICPP) in the Coalisland and Dungannon area and it is hoped that it will be a springboard to other initiatives supporting clergy, churches and the wider community to work together to address this challenging and sensitive issue.

ICPP is an initiative of the Church of Ireland, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist Churches, and the Irish Council of Churches, set up to promote reconciliation in their communities through churches working together.