Church aids students affected by London fire

Church aids students affected by London fire

Church agencies are helping London Catholic school students cope with the trauma of the Grenfell Tower fire. With pupils confirmed missing and the death toll rising the tragedy devastated the local community.

John Paul Morrison, the Director of Education for the Archdiocese of Westminster, said the archdiocese was offering counselling to students. “What they have witnessed was incredibly shocking,” said Morrison, “television and media can only touch on it. The thing that really hit the students was the screaming,” he said, “I spoke to some people yesterday who were very upset by that…”

Morrison confirmed that students were missing from the schools, but he declined to say how many.

Hundreds of other students and their families were evacuated from the vicinity of the 24-story building because of the possibility that it might collapse and scatter debris over a half-mile radius.

All 240 students of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, which is close to the tower, were relocated to Sion Manning Catholic Girls School