Childhood ‘applauded’, family ‘strengthened’ on Bambinelli Sunday

Childhood ‘applauded’, family ‘strengthened’ on Bambinelli Sunday Fr John Carroll PP blesses the figures of Jesus brought to him for Bambinelli Sunday.

There was “standing room only” at Barntown and Glynn churches in Co. Wexford over the weekend as children from the parish brought the baby Jesus from their homes to Masses for blessing on Bambinelli Sunday, according to the parish priest.

After the weekend celebrations, Fr John Carroll PP said: “The figurines of the baby Jesus from each home were blessed; decorations from Bethlehem were distributed and seasonal community celebrations were held in both the hall in Glynn and the school in Barntown.”


This is the third year of the celebration in the parish. The tradition comes from Italy and occurs on the third Sunday of Advent.

“Bambinelli Sunday affords the parish an opportunity to see the genuine depth of affection that exists in children and their families for the infant Jesus. Parents, grandparents and children come in big numbers to receive a blessing for their home and their families as they prepare for Christmas Day,” Fr Carroll said.

He added: “Bambinelli Sunday is a real meeting point for family, school and parish – a genuine inter-generational moment of reflection and warmth at the local level – a celebration of both the beauty of the story of the incarnation and of modern family life where innocence is visible, childhood is applauded and home life is affirmed and thereby strengthened.”