Caritas Poland to help needy until Belarus border crisis ceases

Caritas Poland to help needy until Belarus border crisis ceases

The director of Caritas Poland said that the charity will continue to help those in need for as long as the Belarus border crisis lasts.

Speaking at a press conference in Podlipki, northeastern Poland, on November 18, director Fr Marcin Izycki stressed that the charity was also attentive to the needs of the local community near Poland’s eastern border.

“As long as the crisis lasts, we will be with all those in need. In our Caritas activities we try to remember all groups affected by the crisis: migrants and refugees, the inhabitants of these areas, and the services,” he said.

The priest was speaking amid an ongoing standoff between Poland and Belarus over the presence of thousands of mainly Middle Eastern migrants along the two countries’ roughly 250-mile border.

The Polish government, the European Union, and NATO have accused Belarus of helping the migrants to gather at the frontier and enter Poland, an EU member state since 2004. The Belarusian government, led by President Alexander Lukashenko, denies the claim.

Polish officials argue that Belarus, a landlocked Eastern European country, is fomenting the crisis in response to sanctions imposed by the EU after Lukashenko declared victory in a disputed presidential election in August 2020.