Call for British Catholics to vote to remain in the EU

The former archbishop of Westminster has called on British Catholics to vote to remain in the EU in the upcoming ‘Brexit’ referendrum.

Pointing out that the Church has always been broadly supportive of the European Union, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor noted how recent Popes have challenged the union to renew itself by returning to its roots.

With Britain’s problems shared by all of Europe, he called on voters to consider whether Europe has a set of common values, how debates can rise above the utilitarian and the lowest common denominator, how Brexit might in turn lead to Scotland leaving the UK or affect Northern Ireland, and how bridges could be built across a Europe without the EU.


“Those campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU need to show that the challenges facing the UK and our European partners are better faced together than apart, and they need to explain why this is the case,” he said.