Bringing the Gospel to new generations with NET Ministries

Bringing the Gospel to new generations with NET Ministries Bishop Alan McGuckian and a number of priests with the missionaries, mission staff and permanent staff

Over 60 missionaries and mission staff from across the world have been commissioned for another year of ministry in Ireland.

Bishop Alan McGuckian of Raphoe celebrated a Commissioning Mass for NET missionaries who began their work last week.

Hailing from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hungary, Northern Ireland, and the US with a strong Irish contingent from Dublin, Kerry, Limerick and Donegal, they aim to bring the Gospel to the youth of Ireland.

The missionaries went through a six-week period of training and on Saturday, September 21, were commissioned by Bishop McGuckian in St Eunan’s Cathedral, Letterkenny.

A record eight teams are now working in Letterkenny, Castlebar, Meath, Booterstown, Knocklyon, Waterford and Cork City, with the road team travelling around the country.

With a NET Discipleship Team in his diocese, Dr McGuckian said: “I have seen the work of the NET Team in the schools and around the Cathedral Parish and it is a great support to all young people.”

In his homily, Bishop McGuckian spoke about the need for young people to bring the Gospel to a new generation, a role the international missionaries in particular see themselves fulfilling.

One of the missionaries, Madeline from the US, said: “My family owes their faith to the Irish people who came over and offered us their faith. Now we owe to the youth of Ireland to come and offer them the faith that we have been given.”

NET Ministries are inviting young people to find a NET Discipleship Team in their area and connect with them.

Those looking to host NET Road Team missionaries for a night as they travel the country giving retreats can contact their office.


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