Bishop Doran clarifies comments

Bishop Kevin Doran issued a clarification following a controversial interview on Newstalk last week.

Bishop Doran admitted that some of the words and examples he had used were not “chosen as carefully as in a prepared address”, but said that some of his comments had been “misquoted or quoted out of context in further media coverage”.

The bishop clarified that in response to a question about whether God intended people to be gay, “I commented that to say this would be like saying he intended them to have Down Syndrome.

“It was not a comment about people who have Down Syndrome or about people who are gay or a comparison between them. I simply don’t believe that God micromanages the universe in such detail,” he said.

He also said his comments that gay people who have children are not necessarily parents referred to the way in which the Children and Family Relationships Bill removes the words “mother” and “father” from previous legislation.