Be clear on our key spiritual battle

Be clear on our key spiritual battle

Dear Editor, The commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings was important not only to remind us of the courage and sacrifice of the previous generation in fighting the evils of Nazism but also to remind us that contending with evil now falls to this generation. There is always something that needs to be revealed, opposed and conquered.

There are dark clouds gathering over Europe once again; it is the same atheistic spirit that moved the Nazis and the Communists to the horrors they inflicted on humanity. And like them they conceal their works and objectives with their own new language to rationalise and sanitise.

Now that people have gotten used to eliminating the unborn, it’s natural for their eyes to fall upon the elderly, the infirm, those with mental or physical disability and push society towards mercy killing or ‘special treatment’ as the SS used to call it.

Assisted suicide, a precursor of voluntary (and not so voluntary) euthanasia is already well established in Holland, Luxemburg and Belgium.

The laws were made loose to enable its extension or a liberal interpretation of them and already from an initial position of being for those in unbearable pain with no hope of recovery it is already found its way to the disabled and even the depressed at the ‘end of life clinics’. In Holland a child of 12  can request euthanasia.

We need to show that every life and every stage of it is important, has its own dignity and purpose, regardless of appearances and each human being has an immortal soul, a unique role in eternity.

It’s as important to keep this kind of legislation away from our shores as it was to keep an invading foreign power away.

This is our fight and as with all spiritual battle only prayer will decide the outcome.

Yours etc.,

Stephen A. Clark, 



We can’t save the planet on our own

Dear Editor, If Greta Thunberg is correct in her claim (IC 20/6/2019) that we have 11 years to save the planet from global warming then we are already doomed because not even a massive drive by all governments could make a significant change in such a short period.

The USA, the largest economy in the world, has not bought into the man-made global warming ideology. China, the second largest economy, pays lip service but does nothing. China has one-sixth of the world’s population but is responsible for one-third of CO2 emissions.

The Dáil declared a climate emergency. What hypocrites our politicians are, Ireland being one of the laggards in implementing EU guidelines on CO2 emissions.

About 1850 our planet began to emerge from the mini ice age that had lasted several hundred years. Since then the planet has been warming at the rate of about one degree per 100 years. Man’s contribution to this is not significant.

It follows therefore that we cannot prevent this warming effect.

Minister Bruton wants to quadruple carbon taxes to €80 per tonne by 2030. Obviously, he is not losing any sleep over Thunberg’s rantings. Carbon taxes impact most severely on our lower income citizens.

To impose taxes in pursuit of a bogus ideology is unethical.

Yours etc.,

Patrick Slevin,

The Moorings,

Co. Waterford.


A surprise appointment for Cork & Ross

Dear Editor, I was surprised that Fintan Gavin was appointed Bishop of Cork & Ross. For the last 300 years, every Cork bishop has been from the area, whereas this new bishop has no experience in the place.

He hasn’t even been a parish priest. I wonder why it was decided that he should take on the role, rather than a priest in the local area.

Perhaps there was no suitable candidate, and a young man with strong pastoral experience better fits the bill. Regardless, I wish him every success…but such a strange choice.

Yours etc.,

Annette Devlin,

Co. Cork.


WHO’s zealous concern deserves sceptical regard

Dear Editor, I refer to your article, ‘Parents are morally obliged to vaccinate their children’ (IC 27/06/19). Is the assumption that us parents must never question the ingredients used in the ever-growing list of vaccinations which are now being used on infants? Catholic parents are well aware of the ‘principle of the common good’ and to think that Catholics are not concerned about the common good as was suggested in this article is patronising to say the least.

Many Catholic parents choose not to allow their children to be vaccinated for several reasons.

Firstly, many of the vaccinations used, including the measles jab contain foetal cells from aborted babies. This violates the principle of cooperation in evil and the principle of the integral good.

Secondly, there are many adverse side effects (including death) that have been widely reported from the prescribed vaccines.

Finally, Catholic parents just do not trust the state any more when it comes to healthcare.

The World Health Organisation is promoting abortion, homosexuality and radical feminism in a bid to reduce the global population. Forgive us Catholic parents if we are a little bit sceptical of their zealous concern for our unvaccinated children.

Yours etc.,

Lee Walsh,

Dunmore East,

Co. Waterford.