A unique card for Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday is on March 30

Mother’s Day is round the corner and it's important to make your mum feel special on this day. Breakfast in bed is a must and letting her relax for the day is oh so important. A homemade card to complement the breakfast in bed you make is a wonderful Mothering Sunday treat. Surprise your mum this Mother’s Day by bringing her a pot of tea and a bunch of flowers in the morning.

You will need: coloured card, one doily, scissors, glue stick, one teapot template cut out from cereal card.

Draw a teapot with the lid off on the back of some cereal card and cut out. Fold a sheet of blue card in half and put the teapot template on top of this, placing the handle near the fold. Draw around this and cut out, taking care not to snip the fold. Leave this to the side for later.


Cut around the edges of a doily to use the lace part. Trim this and then with a glue stick, glue sections to the front of the blue teapot card in any design you like. To make the tulips, draw an egg shape on some coloured card. Cut this out and then trace around it on the sheet of card of the same colour. Draw a similar shape of the same size, making two points at the top. When you place the first shape over the second, it will resemble a tulip head.

Cut out a long strip of green card for the tulip stem. Glue this between the two tulip head shapes. With the remains of the green card, cut out a few leaves. Make a few more tulips and then stick these on the inside of the card. Allow the glue to dry before closing the card. When the card is closed, it should look like a teapot with a bunch of tulips coming out of the top.

Write your message on the inside and then place it on a tray with a pot of tea and a real bunch of tulips if you wish and carry everything into your mum on Mother's Day.

You can use different coloured card for the tulips to create a multi-coloured bouquet. You can also finely snip the sides of the petals so that they look like parrot tulips.