A ‘love bug’ for your Valentine

A ‘love bug’ card for those who cringe at hearts and flowers

Valentine’s Day is next week so it’s time to start making a valentine card! The traditions and symbolism surrounding Valentine’s Day stem from a belief dating back to the Middle Ages. The story goes that half way through the second month of the year, the birds began to pair. This is why February 14 is widely known as being dedicated to spouses and partners. Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive to boyfriends and girlfriends; you can show your appreciation towards a friend or someone in your family also.

This cute ‘love bug’ card is perfect to make for those who cringe at hearts and flowers. It isn’t terribly romantic so you can give it to a family member or a friend. You just need the one heart to make it. The lady bird, mistakenly referred to as a love bug is a common symbol associated with Valentine’s Day. In reality the love bug looks nothing like a lady bird; instead looking more like a winged ear wig or a beetle. Think how different the love bug’s Valentine status would be if it was portrayed as it really is!

You will need

For the love bug card you will need: red card, black card, googly eyes, scissors, pencil, a glue stick and an 8×8 inch envelope.

Trace the outline of a heart onto some red card. Cut this out and place this upside down over a sheet of black card. Draw around the heart and then leave the heart to one side. On the black card, join the two ends of the heart together and draw a little head at the point. You should now have a shape that resembles a wide tear drop. Cut this out and leave to one side. Snip the red heart in half down the middle. Place the two red heart halves on the black tear drop, the points facing upwards. Fan these out like a lady bird’s wings so the body is shown and glue in place. Draw little circles on the remains of the sheet of black card. Cut these out and glue them to each wing. Finally stick some googly eyes on the lady bug’s head.

Write an inscription in a gold or silver pen in between the wings. Pop the card inside an envelope and give it to whomever you please. Better yet, include a fun fact about the love bug, perfect for lovers of science!