The False Guide

The False Guide
The Irish Spirit – Issue No. 4
From the book The Healing Habit by Daniel O’Leary


The mind is, of course, powerfully spiritual. Your beautiful mind, when fired by a loving trust, can transform your life at many levels. But your precious mind, when driven by greed, revenge, resentment or a burning sense of injustice, can wreak havoc on your inner peace and presence. And this virus touches all those around you, even the world itself. What you do not transform you transmit.

Notice also your strange compulsion to stray away from the safe path, to resist your true voice, to drift towards the negative, the closed, the deadly repetition of the same damaging thoughts and feelings. Deep in everyone’s thinking there is a drive, a fatal attraction towards anxiety, towards giving up, becoming a victim of worry, or maybe towards getting even, being resentful, envious or judgemental. We usually keep this mental suffering well hidden from others. Most of our minds are more fragile and vulnerable than we let on.

These fatal forces are strong and persistent. They have been called the ‘demons of the mind’. You may agree with those who describe them as addictions: those sinister patterns of thinking that bring so much misery and grief. Sometimes you feel powerless in their grip. For so many there is a kind of deadly attraction to their own flawed way of thinking and consequent feeling. They feel trapped in this condition, victims unable to escape.

Negative and anxious or fearful thinking devours our creative energy. It steals our strength and lessens our purpose and power. There is a worry-fatigue that eats into the resolve we need to grow and flourish throughout each day: a virus that infects the vibrant life of our imagination and beckoning dreams.

This is the false mind at work. The false mind is an illusion. It is not the truth. It is a relentless treadwheel of confusion. It holds you captive, preventing you from experiencing a new freedom from your anxious, self-protecting ego. That is why here, we have emphasised that, beyond sporadic efforts and programmes, useful as they may be, a more profound and deeper sense of the spiritual is needed for those apps and courses to work, for your courageous efforts to bear fruit, for the healing to happen.











The Habit Trilogy by Daniel O’Leary is available from Columba Books