The Sacred Life of Everything


Sr Stan and Síle Wall


116 pages


Tapping into the everyday moments that can be precious and awe-inspiring, this book full of meditations, prayers and poems is designed to give you a greater sense of presence and inner peace. Sr Stan invokes feeling into common sights to show her readers that if you pay attention to the world around you, you can discover the sacred in the ordinary and mundane.

Sr Stan is a Religious Sisters of Charity well-known as an activist and campaigner. She is the founder of a number of voluntary organisations such as Focus Ireland and the Young Social Innovators. She also founded The Sanctuary to provide a reflective space for people in the midst of our frantic busy, world.

Síle Wall has been involved in the development of The Sanctuary since it was founded in 1998. She has been practising meditation for many years and at the Sanctuary she teaches and leads workshops, courses and practices on meditation and mindfulness.

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