Glenstal Abbey: Through the Seasons


With photographs by Valerie O’Sullivan


145 pages


Through this collection of stunning images, we get a rare insight into the daily life of the community of Benedictine monks based in Glenstal Abbey, Co. Limerick. From the sacred liturgical celebrations to the buzz at Glenstal Abbey school, to the silence and prayer of the guesthouses and retreats, and the beauty of the woods, gardens and farm, this book captures a unique way of life.

The presence of a praying community gives Glenstal its unique character, and in this book the monks share in their own words the mysticism and rhythm of their lives as they strive to live according to the Rule of St Benedict and the precepts of the Gospel.

Valerie O’Sullivan is a photographer and media provider, based in Killarney. She covers a wide range of events in the Public Relations, Press, Tourism and Outdoor Sectors. A winner of many national awards in the Press Photographs Association of Ireland competition.

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