Irish nun’s assault spurs internet wave of support

Irish nun’s assault spurs internet wave of support Credit: Humans of Dublin Fb page

After an Irish nun’s admission she was spat at by a member of the public last month there’s been an overwhelmingly positive, and supportive response.

The nun, who is a former principle of a Catholic school in Dublin, lamented that many people’s attitude towards nuns drastically changed in Ireland after the “horrible” abuse scandals. Her experience was published on social media and had huge traction, with thousands of people offering encouragement on several online platforms.

According to ‘Humans of Dublin’, a Facebook page set up to make people more attentive to the lives of others, she said that after the incident: “I never thought I would have to deal with this sort of treatment at my age. I don’t think people like us anymore and it makes me very sad…”

A former pupil posted online: “This lady was the Principal at my school. You couldn’t meet a more inspiring, selfless, forward thinking, modern nun. This breaks my heart.”

Another said: “I’m terribly sorry this happened to you. The actions of the few do not reflect the many. You are the first memory I have from school (the 8 times tables are still my favourite) and still inspire me to this day. Actions not words.”

Many others decried her treatment, saying no one should be subjected to such abhorrent behaviour.

The Irish Catholic visited the nun in her Dublin convent this week, but she declined to comment.

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